ChatGPT is now part of my UI designing process

ChatGPT can be extremely helpful even if you don't primarily work with text. I've been using it for one my last projects. Part of the project was creating a product demo – literally going through bunch of screens for a real-life scenario.

The demo required having (and being rendered on a screen) bunch of different type of artifacts, like a document, an article, a trello card, and so on.

The generic template for the demo is the same and goes through the same screens/apps. But persona and scenario are different - one time it's for HR team member and their main task is to hire IT manager. So we need that document, article and trello card to fit the scenario and narrative.

Another time it's for PM. Another time it's for engineer. And so on…

The pain is that I have to tweak the narrative quite often and therefore I need to update contents of the artifacts in demo. That's a time-consuming and boring process. So I decided to use ChatGPT to create the contents I need:

  • "write a document with notes from a meeting about hiring IT manager"
  • "write a trello card description for the task of re-evaluating project scope for SSO.""