AI Homework


The idea of giving kids a homework became tricky… Not only for when a teacher asks pupils to write an essays but honestly - anything. Kids will be able to enter short query into ChatGPT and boom - homework done.

Sure, it can give you wrong answers like the one about Thomas Hobbes mentioned in this article… But it can also give you really good and 100% correct answers.

When I was in school, especially in early days, the Google and Wikipedia were not easily accessible (not even founded yet?). I had to use real printed encyclopedia and dictionaries… Then Google, Wikipedia and all sorts of forums started becoming more and more popular so finding answers/solutions for your homework became piece of cake. You could rip something off from the Internet but teachers adapted to the new situation – they could easily find out if you ripped something off by either googling some quotes from your essay or simply asking you a follow up questions...

I think ChatGPT (actually all sorts of AI) is a next step. Kids will initially see an opportunity to cheat but eventually teachers will find a way to verify their knowledge. Eventaully (and hopefully) kids will start using AI as a research tool ("Oh, this is what X is. Let me learn more about X so I'm prepared for classes/exam/test") rather than the cheating tool. Similar to how my generation used Google and Wikipedia. I think AI will ultimately transform (for better!) education model, how teachers teach and how kids learn. I think classic model of homework (as we know it today) is just wrong and it hasn't really changed since Internet became a thing.

Kids don't like schools because schools are stuck in the past (of course I'm generalizing). But I do hope that AI tools like ChatGPT will boost the transformation of education model eventually.